Wesley Sydnor


French Horn

Current Teacher

John Smith

High School

Cab Calloway School of the Arts

College / Major

Northeastern University / Biochemistry

If you’re not majoring in music, what role might music play during your college years?

It can serve as a creative outlet to cultivate discipline in your personal life and studies.

How long have you been a member of the PYO Music Institute and in which ensembles did you participate?

1 season, Philadelphia Youth Orchestra

Do you have any plans or activities planned for over the summer?

I plan on interning at Morton, Valihura, & Zerbato LLC. and working my summer job.

What is one of your favorite PYOMI memories?

My first time playing in Verizon hall.

What are your most recent musical and/or academic achievements?

I was selected for the NUin Program where I will be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain!

What are some of your favorite pieces of music that you have performed with the PYO Music Institute?

Shostakovich 5 and the Elgar Cello Concerto

When you are not in rehearsal or practicing your instrument, what other activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

I love cooking with my mom.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What do you see yourself doing?

I can see myself in a hospital in Boston working on spinal cord paralysis research.