Clarissa Rutenkroger & Gaurav Kakarla


Clarissa: Clarinet
Gaurav: Double Bass

Current Teacher

Gaurav: Michael Franz

High School

Clarissa: Downingtown STEM Academy
Gaurav: West Windsor Plainsboro High School North

College / Major

Clarissa: Missouri University of Science and Technology / Environmental Engineering
Gaurav: University of Maryland / Computer Science

If you’re not majoring in music, what role might music play during your college years?

Clarissa: I plan to participate in the orchestra and concert band programs at S&T

How long have you been a member of the PYO Music Institute and in which ensembles did you participate?

Clarissa: I have been a member of PYSB for 1 year
Gaurav: 4 years / PYO

Do you have any plans or activities planned for the summer?

Clarissa: I plan to have as stress-free a summer as possible, and mostly just preparing for college and leaving at the end of July.

What is one of your favorite PYOMI memories?

Clarissa: I wish that we had been involved earlier, because every rehearsal was enjoyable and every concert was enjoyable as well. I loved meeting all of the professionals who came in to talk with us.
Gaurav: Playing my first solo on stage during a piece composed by a PYO alumni.

What are your most recent musical and/or academic achievements?

Clarissa: Being accepted into PYSB in the first place
Gaurav: Selection and performance with my school’s nonet group.

What are some of your favorite pieces of music that you have performed with PYOMI?

Clarissa: I love our last and latest concert cycle. Even though a lot of it is collegiate level, it is so much fun to play correctly and it sounds cool too.
Gaurav: Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique

When you are not in rehearsal or practicing your instrument, what other activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

Clarissa: I love reading Fantasy YA novels, and playing Hidden Object and RPG games, preferably on a PC
Gaurav: Playing basketball and hanging out with friends

What is one unique attribute about you that people find surprising?

Clarissa: I can read, write, and speak some German, and I love the language.
Gaurav: I run track but people are surprised that it is one of my least favorite sports

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What do you see yourself doing?

Clarissa: I think in 10 years that I would probably have saved enough money to buy a townhouse, have a small car, and potentially living single and loving my job and firm that I work at.
Gaurav: I see myself designing cars at Tesla