The PYO Music Institute is committed to supporting music education in our schools. As a signatory of the League of American Orchestra’s “Statement of Common Cause: Orchestras Support InSchool Music Education” we recognize the value of school-based music education. As expressed in the Statement of Common Cause, “Research has proven that arts education uniquely provides academic and social benefits, preparing students for success in school, work, and life. The status of music education in our nation’s schools has short- and long-term consequences for…student achievement”. PYO strives for partnerships with local school systems and music educators, and supports local, state, and national arts and academic standards.

  • PYOMI encourages and recommends participation in a school-based instrumental music program, where such a program exists, and PYO encourages its students to be peer leaders in their respective in-school music programs.
  • PYOMI activities and ensembles should be viewed as a supplement to, not a replacement for, school-based music education for students, where such programs exist.
  • PYOMI programs and ensembles should not be seen as an alternative for school-based music education. All members of the PYO Music Institute are expected to understand tenets of this statement and support school-based music education.

Questions regarding this statement may be addressed to the PYOMI President & Music Director.

PYO Music Institute includes all large ensembles including the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra, Young Musicians Debut Orchestra, Bravo Brass, Prysm Strings, Pizzicato Players, and Tune Up Philly – Orchestral Pathways Program.