Louis Scaglione, Music Director
Gloria dePasquale, Artistic Advisor & Principal Faculty


The purpose of the Master Class and Advanced Orchestra Training Program is to provide advanced training in orchestral playing techniques, instrumental techniques and musicianship to all members of the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra and Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra. This is accomplished through the engagement of master teachers mostly drawn from the membership of The Philadelphia Orchestra, who collectively will serve as the faculty, through the implementation of a formalized schedule, and by setting the highest levels of performance expectations. Additional instructors and master teachers are also drawn from the memberships of the following professional orchestras: The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia; Opera Philadelphia; Pennsylvania Ballet; The Philly Pops; as well as other professional orchestras from throughout the region. The aim is to provide excellent orchestral training opportunities with nationally and internationally renowned faculty in order to elevate PYO Music Institute’s status as an exceptional training and performing institution.

Expectations of Student Musicians

  • Students are always expected to arrive prepared, knowing the music to be rehearsed.
  • Students are expected to listen to recordings of the repertoire on their own time.
  • Students are expected be ready to work as an ensemble, and strive as a team member to achieve exceptional musical goals.
  • Students are expected to arrive already having addressed individual technical difficulties with their private teachers and/or the faculty coaches.
  • Students are expected to attend rehearsals faithfully and understand that after two absences he/she may be asked to privately play his/her part for the conductor and/or faculty. Failure to perform to the expectations of the conductor and/or faculty may result in a reassignment of seating or distribution of parts (winds, brass, and percussion).
  • Students understand that their progress will be carefully monitored by the conductor and faculty.
  • Students will be expected to show improvement after specific instruction. Faculty Expectations
  • Faculty will be a resource for the students to gain the tools and help to provide the nurturing and inspiration necessary for students to reach musical goals.
  • Continual emphasis by faculty on “raising the bar” of ensemble and individual performance.
  • The faculty will provide opportunities for more individualized instruction with emphasis on professional orchestral expectations.
  • The faculty will expect students to show improvement after specific instruction, and will expect each student, as an ensemble musician, to achieve exceptional musical goals.
  • The faculty will identify the tools and teach the skills necessary to be successful as an orchestra musician.
  • The faculty will carefully monitor each student’s progress, and report the same to the conductor.
  • The faculty will strive to ensure that each student receives exceptional training in order to elevate the PYO’s status as an exceptional training and performing ensemble.