Louis Scaglione, Music Director
Gloria dePasquale, Program Director & Principal Faculty

PYO Music Institute’s College and Conservatory Preparation Program (CCAP) is a value-added program for PYO, PYAO, Bravo Brass, and YMDO high school students with particular focus on Juniors and Seniors. Through seminar sessions and a series of mock auditions, this program seeks to identify for students and their families how to leverage this considerable investment of time, energy, and financial resources to best assist in admission to colleges, universities, and conservatories.

The program is overseen by Gloria dePasquale, a member of The Philadelphia Orchestra with over 40 years of performing experience. Students from Mrs. dePasquale’s private studio have been admitted to the nation’s finest colleges, universities, and conservatories. Mrs. dePasquale has also successfully assisted and advised numerous PYO families in their college/conservatory search.

  • Members of PYO, PYAO, Bravo Brass, and YMDO by distinction and merit of their entrance auditions are advanced level musicians, many who have devoted over a decade to the serious study of their instrument and classical music.
  • Additionally, the program will hold a career seminar in the fall of each academic year to explore with students and parents the existing pathways to careers in the music industry outside of teaching and performing, identifying schools where this training is offered.
  • With a multi-year plan, personalized for each student, this program seeks to assist academically focused students in their preparation for Arts Supplement materials which often can help define a student for early admission, early action, or scholarship.
  • For those students aspiring to a conservatory admission, the program offers seminars, mock auditions, and performing opportunities to strengthen applications for audition spots as well as for admission and scholarship.
  • Much like SAT or ACT prep classes, the program is not a guarantee of success but seeks to ensure that students and families are aware of standards and expectations and are provided with opportunities to prepare the students for success in the application and audition process.
  • The faculty participating in guidance seminars and mock auditions is drawn from The Philadelphia Orchestra, Juilliard, Curtis, and other institutions of higher learning.
  • By special arrangement and fee, Mrs. dePasquale offers one-hour personal consultations with the student and family to devise an audition plan (typically, a two-year plan with visits to play for teachers at various schools), with follow up available by email.
  • Masterclasses with faculty adjudication are scheduled from early fall through the late winter where audition repertoire can be performed in a concert setting with accompaniment for students to refine their presentations.