Polishing off a year of rigorous rehearsal and stellar performances, the 18 gifted young trumpet, trombone, French horn and tuba players in Bravo Brass conclude their season with three exciting events that demonstrate the scope of this amazing musical ensemble. In the final three weeks of activity, the group’s young instrumentalists (ages 11-17) performed at The International Trumpet Guild Conference, will showcase their talents at the 11th annual Bravo Brass Festival Concert, and host an interactive weekend with Brass of Peace from Washington, DC.

Bravo Brass is one of the few all-brass ensembles in the country and draws the most talented young brass instrumentalists in the region.  One of six unique program divisions of the renowned PYO Music Institute led by Louis Scaglione, Bravo Brass is directed and conducted by Paul Bryan, also the Dean of Faculty and Students at the Curtis Institute of Music.

Acclaim for Bravo Brass earned this highly skilled and specialized ensemble a chance to perform on Youth Day at the International Trumpet Guild Conference on May 20, along with guest solists Bryan Appleby-Wineberg, Vince DiMartino, and William Stowman.  Bravo Brass joined brass musicians from all over the world who participated at this prestigious annual event, which was hosted this year by West Chester University and held in Valley Forge, PA.

On May 31 at 7:30 p.m., the ensemble’s talented young musicians will pick up their instruments for their final public performance of the season at the 11th annual Bravo Brass Festival Concert, at St. Mark’s Church, 1625 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA.  Demonstrating their wide range as they conclude a year of incredible concerts, they will play compositions ranging from classical to pop, including pieces by Giovanni Gabrieli, Ernst Sache and John Williams.  Tickets are $10, with free admission for children 13 and under; for ticket information, call 215-435-1698.

Bravo Brass will participate in a remarkable interactive weekend on June 7-8 as they host Brass of Peace from Washington, D.C., also one of the few all-brass ensembles for young musicians in the country.  During the two days of collaborative activities and master classes, the Bravo Brass students will have the chance to learn from Brass of Peace Musical Director Sylvia Alimena, formerly a horn player with the National Symphony in Washington.  In turn, Bravo Brass Associate Conductor and former Brass of Peace member Barry McCommon will work with the members of the Washington ensemble in a master class. Bravo Brass Director Paul Bryan explains, “Both Bravo Brass and Brass of Peace endeavor to further the individual and ensemble playing skills of brass players while creating musical communities of their respective group’s members.  This exchange will give the students and faculty of these two programs a chance to expand their musical communities in the course of rehearsing and performing some terrific brass ensemble music.”

The scope of opportunities and activity afforded to the Bravo Brass students is indicative of the remarkable programming offered by the PYO Music Institute (PYO), which will be celebrating its 75th year as one of the most respected orchestral preparatory organizations in the country throughout the 2014-2015 performance season.