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Alumni Scholarship Circles – Giving Challenge

Join your fellow PYO alumni in a collective giving challenge to fund a full scholarship for each instrument in the orchestra!

We are committed to ensuring that tuition is never a barrier to participating in PYO Music Institute ensembles. You can help fund a scholarship for a student in need by joining an Alumni Scholarship Circle.

Our goal is to fund one full scholarship ($2,000) for every instrument in the orchestra by December 31st. Join us as we work together to reach this goal!

Did you play viola during your time at PYO? Join the Viola Scholarship Circle with a gift of any size. Or was your home in the brass section? Simply find the corresponding instrument Scholarship Circle and make your gift. Every dollar will go towards funding a scholarship for a student with financial need.

And it gets better! When you donate $100 or more by December 31st, we’ll send you a PYO Music Institute t-shirt as a thank you gift!

Select an instrument-specific Scholarship Circle below:

French Horn

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