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2021-22 Capstone Videos - With over an hour of content, here are videos to be shared with our school partners, and also serve to identify talented pathways for students. These will be inserted into a small end of year Give Lively Fundraiser, for instrument supplies.

The City School

People for People Charter School

St. James School

St. Barnabas - Independence Mission Schools

St. Helena - Independence Mission Schools


Tune Up Philly
Distanced Learning Capstone for 2019-2020 Season

To Our Partners: Thank you for your committed support. In lieu of the 10th Annual Festival Concert and Juries, we’ve elected a differentiated project and resources for our Site Leaders and Faculty to engage with TUP student families to preserve their space in the program and find a meaningful way to respond to our sudden school closures.

Whether through Narrative response, Instrumental Performance, or through Song, student families can participate in our Capstone Project. Partner musical staff are encouraged to submit a virtual performance as well! Our Faculty will record a Virtual rendition of John Legend’s “Ordinary People” – We feel that the chorus and sentiment allows us to show our Unity with a single project and song whose chorus reminds us to “take it slow” as we acknowledge we are all ordinary people.

We will want to synchronize our opportunities for collecting instruments as well in Early June.

To Our Student Families: We are devastated to not be able to end our year with our Saturday Orchestra program, our PYO Gala, and our TPAC Festival Concert. There are a few ways for student families to participate in order to retain their enrollment in Tune Up:

  • Faculty will distribute through our partners and on this link, our end of year Capstone Exams (PDF)

  • Included for students who have instruments and are able to practice with instruction, we have parts attached below. Your Teachers will advise you on how to participate and submit a video.

  • We have a telephone TUP Hotline that will be listed within the PDF Exams, and we want to hear your voices! Parents can help students submit their narrative replies, and to sing a chorus of the “Ordinary People” song for us to create a digital collage, and keepsake capstone for our season.


Capstone Resources 

-Capstone Flyer

-Link to "Ordinary People" Jam Along track

Below are links to parts for "Ordinary People" (Updated May 2, 2020)

Capstone Quizzes

Season’s Resources

-Tune Up Philly 2019-2020 Bachrach Studio Photos

-Listen to the "Best of Tune Up Philly"

-Directory of Faculty Emails by Site

Other Resources:

Free Online Tuner: Ask your teacher on how to utilize this application to it's fullest potential.

Online Metronome: Simply adjust the number to the marking in the top left corner of your music to provide you a pulse to work with.

SJS - Instrument Tracking

IMS-StH - Instrument Tracking

IMS StB - Instrument Tracking

MBACS - Instrument Tracking

PFP - Instrument Tracking

CSP - Instrument Tracking

CSS - Instrument Tracking

CSF - Instrument Tracking