PYO Music Institute

EITC/OSTC Opportunity

Are you aware that you may apply to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to direct your tax dollars to an educational improvement organization of choice? If you work for, or have a company that does business in PA, you are eligible to apply for tax credits that you may then redirect to support the PYO!

Please follow the link to the Commonwealth’s website to see if your company qualifies for the EITC program. The most beneficial is to apply for a 2-year commitment, as this yields a 90% tax credit to your business. Details of the guidelines for applying and the link to the online application can be found here.

The PYO Music Institute is a recognized and authorized participant in both the EITC-EIO and OSTC programs. As an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO), we are able to utilize these funds to support and further the work of our after school outreach division. As an OSTC provider, the PYO has the distinct honor of offering scholarships to children in low-performing schools to attend private, parochial, and out-of-district public and charter schools of their choice to better and further their academic opportunities. Please speak with our Development Director, Danielle Johnson, to discuss how you, too, can support these initiatives with your tax dollars.