PYO Music Institute




The PYO Music Institute uses extraordinary music education through the pursuit of music excellence to inspire a strong sense of character, discipline, commitment, and community for our diverse student population.


PYO Guiding Vision Values

Excellence. Through our premier musical legacy, we inspire and lead.
We honor the artistic traditions of PYO and inspire our students through high expectations and exceptional opportunities, repertoire, instruction and faculty. PYO’s reputation as one of the world’s most outstanding youth orchestra organizations is a great asset. The organization is committed to nurturing and growing this legacy by contributing to and collaborating with the field of arts education, locally and globally. PYO is dedicated to the future of music education, orchestras, and the positive impact the performing arts has on society.

Transformative Education. We utilize music education to develop the individual and community.
PYO is committed to deepening and enriching student learning, character and social bonds. Through quality music education and rigorous ensemble training, PYO prepares the world’s future citizens and leaders (musical and otherwise) for positive contributions to society. Our work creates and strengthens the shared experiences, collaboration and connection that bolsters community.

Access. We use multiple avenues to engage a diverse student body in music learning.
We value the inclusion of students, parents and communities from a wide range of backgrounds, ability levels and needs, as this diversity develops richness of community and musical performance. PYO actively works to increase and expand access through a comprehensive and versatile educational pathway, which is built to serve students with no prior music education, as well as highly trained and talented young musicians.